Blocked Drain?

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If you’re on the Gold Coast and you have a blocked drain, the team at Blocked Drain King are local and we’ll be there fast.

Blocked drains can be caused by things like…
– kids throwing toys down the toilet
– flushing of non biodegradable products like wet wipes
– washing fats and oil down the sink

Sometimes the blockage is more severe…
– old pipes collapsing due to age
– tree roots cracking drains open looking for water
– accidental damage to drain pipes from gardening and landscaping

If You Notice These Warning Signs, Call Blocked Drain King on 5593 5788

Warning signs are often visible…
– toilets backing up
– shower water not draining away
– unpleasant odours in the back yard

Other indications can be…
– gurgling sounds in your laundry
– pools of water on your front lawn
– water bubbling up from overflow drains

Need A Professional Drain Clearing Service? Call Blocked Drain King on 5593 5788

If you feel there maybe a problem with your drain, have it inspected by professional drain plumbers who are fully licensed and equipped to carry out all drain clearing and drainage work.

The team at Blocked Drain King are…
– members of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland
– fully licensed with QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) lic 1197459
– trained using the latest technology to carry out all sewer repairs and drain replacements

We’ll inspect your sewer, find the cause and clear it fast.

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Our sewer drain experts will…
– inspect your system with a special CCTV sewer camera
– show you where the blockage is located and what’s causing it
– offer you options for a short term temporary fix as well as a more permanent solution

These options include…
– clearing your sewer and removing blockages with a high powered water jetter
– bio friendly treatment to prevent root growth
– repair or replacement of sewer drains

Then you simply choose which solution is best for you.

For complete peace of mind and fast, courteous service…
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