How your home plumbing works

July 8, 2016



Gold Coast Home Plumbing

Have you ever wondered how you can be standing upstairs, turn a tap and seemingly magically have an instant flow of water? Have you considered how clean water is kept separate from grey (showers, sinks, washing machine) and black water (toilets)? Wonder no more!

Gold Coast Plumbing

Here’s how the typical Gold Coast dwelling plumbing is set up and what this means for you and blocked pipes:

1‐ The house is connected to the pressurised council mains with a single pipe, which includes the meter to monitor water usage. This pipe is always full allowing water to flow for you on demand and travel upwards using pressure if need be. If you are receiving no water to your home, it is likely this key pipe is blocked or busted open (which you will know about very quickly – remember to always dial before you dig)

2‐ Upon reaching the home, the main splits up into a maze of different smaller pipes to reach your home’s many outlets, e.g. one to the cold tap for the sink, shower, washing machine etc. One key destination is your hot water system which typically features one line in and many out to reach the hot tap component of your outlets when it is sufficiently heated. Similarly to the main, these pipes are always full to allow the pressure to push water out instantly when you turn the tap on. If one of these smaller component pipes becomes blocked, is leaking, or busted, you can disconnect the flow to it from the main to avoid further damage.

3‐ With the clean water delivered and used, a separate pipe system is then used to transport grey and black water out from a dwelling. These pipes connect to a main line which connects directly to the sewerage system. Unlike for clean water, these pipes remain empty until used, with gravity and airflow at work to channel as required. This means that a blockage in a sewage destined pipe may go un‐noticed for a period, with smell a potential indicator of a problem.

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That is a basic overview of how the typical home plumbing system works. Our team at Blocked Drain King build on this with years of training and experience to be able to offer quick and effective solutions to blocked pipes of any types.

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