Stop Flushing Money Down The Toilet

April 27, 2016

Did you know that an old-style single flush toilet can use up to 12 litres of water in one flush!

Stop flushing money down the toilet!

Using 12 litres of water each time someone flushes in your home makes the single flush toilet one of the largest water users in the home and therefore very water inefficient.   Understandably, replacing a toilet isn’t always an option so if you’re not ready to do this, you can look at an interim solution such as the following to help reduce water wastage: 1. Place an item such as a full plastic bottle into the cistern as this will restrict the amount of water required to refill it and therefore less water used for each flush.

The Dual Flush Toilet

The design and introduction of the dual flush toilet was ultimately driven by the need to address the issue of saving water during periods of drought which in a country like Australia, is very common. Interestingly, there were some functional challenges to ensure that a less forceful flush could still remove waste and so the porcelain was redesigned to be able to work as required for a half-flush and a full-flush. In Australia, Caroma led the way in the redesign and introduction on the dual flush toilet which also led to legislation in every state, except NSW, to make them compulsory in new buildings.

The Australian Governments Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme advises that a single flush toilet will cost you around $760 over ten years to operate compared with a water-efficient dual flush system which will cost around $250 over ten years, representing a 67% reduction.

Other key facts:

– Changing from a single flush to a dual flush toilet with save approximately 51 litres per person per day

– This equates to a water saving of 30,000 to 40,000 litres per household per year!

The Government provides a detailed list of products including their Star Rating and Water Comsumption which you can access from this link .

So, if you haven’t already looked at dual flush toilets in your home, now might be a great time. Not only are you helping save water, you will also be saving yourself some money.

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