The Importance of a CCTV Camera Inspection

April 2, 2016

Prevent a blocked drain with a CCTV Camera Inspection

You think that you might have a blocked drain however you’re not 100% sure and secondly, you are not sure where the blockage might be and what might be causing the blockage.

A CCTV drain inspection is a cost-effective and accurate way of getting a look inside the drain pipes with the help of a CCTV camera. Historically, drainage problems have been expensive to fix because the location of the blockage can be hard to find resulting in random holes being dug up around your property to locate the blockage also making it a time consuming process.

Blocked Drain King CCTV Drain Camera Equipment

Blocked Drain King has the best CCTV drain camera equipment making any blocked drain problem much easier and quicker to find and fix!

CCTV Drain Inspection Service

A CCTV drain inspection service includes:

– Experienced technician

– A service truck

– The CCTV camera

– High pressure water jetting hose

A CCTV drain inspection not only ensures you can maintain your grounds without any unnecessary holes or pavers being removed, it also helps with ensuring your drains do not have any unfriendly products or waste that could harm the environment.

The common problems that we see when we conduct the CCTV drain inspections include blocked drains, tree root intrusions and squashed or cracked pipes.

The CCTV camera inspection is perfect for exploratory procedure for sewers, stormwater drains and trade waste drainage systems.

Blocked Drain King CCTV Camera Inspection Services

Blocked Drain King offers three different services to meet different requirements:

Service 1- The Pipe Peek

If you’re looking to buy a property we can take the worry out by conducting a Pre Purchase Property Pipe Peek. We’ll take a peek inside the pipes so you don’t get stuck with a lemon that could cost you thousands of dollars.

From$199 inc GST

Service 2 – CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

We take a look inside your pipes with our full colour CCTV drain camera is the best way to check the integrity of them.

From $165 inc GST

Service 3 – High Pressure Jetter & CCTV Drain Camera

A Fast and effective clearing of drains with a free camera inspection to ensure your pipes are clear and in good condition

From $275 inc GST


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