To flush or not to flush…

March 10, 2016

Learn what to flush and not what to flush down your toilet

As experts in our field of pipes & drains, we sometimes forget that not everyone knows or understands the importance of what is the rather humble toilet flush.

Those who have camped out under the stars miles from nowhere will have a much better appreciation for plumbing and the somewhat under-rated toilet flush however most of us just take it as an everyday necessity and don’t really put anymore thought into it than that. With a simple push of the button (sometimes that’s not even required with sensor toilets), our waste disappears within seconds never to be thought of again.

The importance of the toilet

Today, Blocked Drain King pays tribute to the humble toilet and acknowledges the very important role that the household toilet plays in our everyday lives.

The toilet, also commonly known as the throne or dunny, is normally found all alone in a relatively small room and goes about doing its business as it’s required however on occasions it has no choice but to make some noises and even unwillingly create a little mess. Typically, the toilet is not at fault and it is the expert Plumber who is called in to nurse the toilet back to its full glory.

TOP TIPS on what to flush

As toilet flushers, we must take responsibility to keep our toilet in good condition so here’s our top tips on what to flush and what not to flush:

– Human waste
– Toilet paper


– Wipes of any kind – even those with packaging that reads ‘flushable’ (hint, they are not!), baby wipes, adult wipes, paper towels, napkins or any other paper product.

– Condoms – these can inflate like balloons and be destructive

– Hair – use your rubbish bin to dispose of hair when cleaning your brushes
– Medications – these can be toxic to wildlife
– Cotton balls & cotton buds
– Band Aids & dental floss – they can get tangled up and clog your toilet pipe
– Tampons, pads or any feminine hygiene products can cause blockages in your pipes

Save yourself time and money by keeping your toilet exclusively for waste & toilet paper!